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Wooden Basketball Court Floor

Level Up

Level up your pickleball game with our year-round Open Play opportunities for all ages and ratings.

Open Plays

Our “Open Play” programs provide a scheduled opportunity for individuals to drop in and play with a variety of partners, as they rotate in and out to mix with others of similar skill level. Choose from:


Non-Competitive Open Plays

Our Non-Competitive Open Plays are ideal for those desiring a recreational and social atmosphere for play. All levels and abilities are welcome.


Competitive Open Plays

Just dink it! Join us for our wide variety of Open Play opportunities where players of all levels and abilities are invited to play in a competitive environment.


High Level Open Plays

These sessions are for specific levels of high level play with player ratings indicated in the session title (ex. 3.75+).

4.0+ sessions are restricted to players who have self-rated at 4.0 or above.

MotionVibe Open Play Schedule Widget.

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